Dreaming I’m Keira Knightley

I enjoyed a wonderful lie in (until *cough* 9:50) this morning.  I don’t often give way to such studenty indulgence, but was clearly tired enough to warrant it.  I’m going to be out late tonight, too, as Nath and his band are gigging at the Robin in Bilston.

I had no specific plans for my Saturday, and this formed the theme of one of my more bizarre dreams last night.

In this one I – wait for it – was Keira Knightley!!  And I lived in a huge block of flats, in which my next door neighbor was none other than the actor Albert Finney!!  Told you it was bizarre, didn’t I?  Well I/Keira found myself at a loose end of a Saturday, so popped round to Albert’s apartment to see if he fancied going for a walk.

“Not without Robbie,” was his strange reply.

‘Robbie’ in this star-populated tower block turned out to be another resident, Robbie Williams!!  At Mr Finney’s request, Robbie accompanied us on our stroll, thus solving the dilemma of how best to spend my quiet Saturday!!!

My real life Saturday has not proven half so glam thus far.  I wanted to exercise my legs, having had rather a lazy week.  I usually endeavour to walk the six-mile round trip to and from work at least four days a week but, through a combination of naff weather and needing the car for various reasons, I haven’t walked at all this week.

It was market day in Sutton, being the first Saturday of the month, so I trolled down into town to browse the stalls.  Much to my delight, my favourite cheese manufacturer, the Snowdonia Cheese Company (whose products I had previously sampled at the BBC Good Food Show), had a stall today, so I availed myself.

(You’ll learn, if you decide to read this thing on a regular basis, that, like Gromit’s friend Wallace, I talk about cheese rather a lot.  I am always on the hunt for different and unusual regional varieties.)

My ‘walk’ also took in Jane Norman, where I bagged a few summer sale bargains.

Back home, I did the ironing (well I told you my life wasn’t quite on a par with Keira’s) to the accompaniment of lovely Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra on my MP3.  Those songs just lift me.  Yes, I have the musical tastes of an old great-aunt and I have long since ceased apologising for it.


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