Stroking the horse’s mane

Last night’s tai chi class was FANTASTIC.

There were two instructors and only eight in the class, so plenty of individual attention.  After the half-hour warm up the group split, with one instructor, Neil, taking us beginners (just two of us) aside to start the basics, while the other man, Dave, progressed the more advanced members – who have been attending the class since April – further through the 37 steps of tai chi.

It helped that I had done a little bit before, both on honeymoon and at Hoar Cross Hall, so was familiar with a few of the rudimentary movements, which have names like ‘stroking the horse’s mane,’ ‘cloud hands’ and ‘over the barrel.’

Some of the exercises involved standing in positions which probably looked extremely silly yet felt entirely comfortable.  At one point I was able to balance wobble-free on one leg while twirling the other ankle for several minutes.

To a cynic, this may sound like mystical mumbo jumbo, but tai chi has proven health benefits, in respect of stress relief, improvement of circulation, balance, posture, internal energy and the respiratory system.  I certainly left the class with a lovely sense of wellbeing.

I remembered why I enjoyed the activity so much the previous times, and don’t really know why I procrastinated so long in taking it up as a regular pastime.

And the first class was free, which was a bonus!

Can’t wait to go next week.


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  1. August 23, 2011 at 8:05 pm

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