Lacking Confidence

I’m moaning again, but my writing has gone to pot this year.  All the critiques I have had on writing websites of late have been tough.  With each one, part of me withers.  My confidence has never recovered from that vile RNA review of Gap Year.  I currently find more pleasure in writing this blog than any stories.

I really hope the Open University course on which I will embark at the end of October will reverse my fortunes.  I need it to give me a kick up the arse and instill me with a bit of confidence and discipline.  I feel in the same situation as I was just before I started Creative Writing evening classes at my local adult education centre back in 2002.  Well that course worked wonders for me – maybe this will too?

I have paid a substantial sum to undertake the Start Writing Fiction course, and I intend to work my balls off at it.  I want to write as though my life depends on it, and get as close to 100% in all my assignments as is humanly possible.

(By the way, having just written that I am going to open a new folder on my laptop, call it ‘Open University,’ within it open a file called ‘Goals’ and then I am going to copy and paste the above three paragraphs into it!  I never wish to lose sight of why I am doing the course.)


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