This morning I finally sat down at my laptop and DID SOME WRITING!!!  Yes, shock horror, after being on such a downer for weeks and consequently procrastinating and making excuses, I started to do some work on my new short story, which I am calling Flash Harry.

Double shock horror – once I’d passed the initial barrier of making myself do it, I really enjoyed the writing.  It was ultimately a struggle to leave it to switch off and go to work.

I got totally into the story, and remembered precisely why I love writing so much.  And why I should NEVER give up pursuing it as a pastime (or, if I’m lucky enough, a career).

So what if the words I churn out are not exactly Shakespeare!  What matters is that they are my words, together on the page they form something creative which nobody can take away from me.  I drove to work feeling so lifted and chuffed.

I am very much a morning person anyway, and when I am in ‘writing’ mode that 7:30-8:30am period is traditionally when I am most alert and prolific.

My confidence was in rags following that RNA critique.  I really want to get it back.  Today I hope I have at any rate finally unlocked my writer’s block.


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