The Official Swindon (That’s South Staffs NOT Wiltshire) Facebook Group

I impulsively decided to set up a Facebook group for residents, ex-residents and general lovers of the small Midlands village in which I grew up from the age of eight.

Facebook members can follow this link to The Official Swindon (That’s South Staffs NOT Wiltshire) Network:

You’ll get the prompt that you need to be logged into view that page, though don’t need to be ‘friends’ with me to view it or join the group if you so wish.

I do harbour a lot of affection for the old place, despite not having lived there for seven years, and admit I do appreciate it more since I’ve been away.

Searches for Swindon online networks have always proven fruitless, so I thought why not set my own up!  Larger neighbours such as Kinver and Wombourne have their own Facebook groups, so why not little Swindon?

Forming a Facebook group is a new and interesting little project for me.  I enjoy having lots on the go; plenty of irons in the fire.

Sometimes I enjoy activities like that more than writing fiction.  I like the immediacy of it; the feeling of communicating and receiving feedback (if I get some members, that is).

This is a picture of Swindon which is actually almost 20 years old, although the view has not particularly dated since then.


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