Final Pre-Italy Blog

I have now broken up from work for a fortnight – yaaayyy!!!  In three days time, I will be basking in the Italian sunshine.

I am currently lolled in front of The Simpsons, with the fire on (I’ve been freezing all day – what’s that all about??), a glass of Jacques fruity cider by my side (yes I know I’m starting early, but do I care – do I bogroll!!) and a melon, hazelnut and vanilla scented candle wafting away.

I’ve been well and truly in winding-down-for-holiday mode for the last couple of weeks or so, if I’m honest.  I have never felt so indolent in my life.  Can’t be arsed with my writing, can’t be arsed with exercise, can’t be arsed to make sure I eat my ‘five a day,’ can’t even be arsed to read a book.

I promise I will add some new writing here after the holiday.  I really need to get my arse into gear and start seriously churning out some fiction.  It is my number one hobby and skill, after all – or was, until my confidence became somewhat dented.  I really must not give it up.

This will be our first major holiday since the honeymoon (our Paris mini break for our wedding anniversary, while wonderful, was a sightseeing trip as opposed to a chill-out hol) and it’s no exaggeration to say we are both desperate for the break.

I shall indulge in a lie in tomorrow, so I can stay up late tomorrow night and thus lie in on Sunday, enabling me to stay (reasonably) awake for Monday’s unearthly-hour journey down to Stansted Airport.


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