Today’s excursion, in radiant weather, was to the gorgeous historic Shropshire town of Ironbridge.

My last time in the town was 2003, when two of our very closest friends got married at the lovely Valley Hotel.  Prior to that, numerous school trips took us out of the classroom for the day when Abraham Darby’s contribution to the Industrial Revolution formed part of the A-level History syllabus.  My memories of the place are all pleasant.

Today I had a good stroll along the riverside, visited the Ironbridge Gorge Museum and at lunchtime I partook of a very hearty quiche with salad and chips at the charming Truffles Café.

It’s such a fascinating place, and its role in world history is of immeasurable importance.

Fortunately I listened to the Radio WM traffic report early this morning, which warned of a serious snarl-up on the M6, and so took a contingency detour via Wolverhampton.  It was a longer but certainly prettier route.  After escaping the built-up suburbs, skimming up that open road through Tettenhall and Albrighton on a lovely day with the windows down was joyously freeing.

I have to say my long-awaited fortnight off work has been lovely: first week in Italy, second week out and about in lush Midlands countryside.  I must do this again before too long.

I think my car has been enjoying its week of unprecedented exercise too.  These 60mph blasts along Derbyshire and Shropshire A-roads have no doubt done little Clio some good, and made a change from its usual pootles to work in second gear.

Now my little holiday is almost at an end I really need to get stuck back into some writing.  I have neglected it far too long.  I cannot let one bad review put me off; I need to leap back into the proverbial saddle before my writing nerve deserts me altogether.


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