More writing woes

I am in a quiz team for a work fundraising event next Wednesday.  All we need now is to come up with a name (and something a hell of a lot more original than Norfolk ‘n’ Chance).  I hope we can do well in this quiz.  It might give my flagging confidence a bit of a boost.

I still wish I could write.  I miss it, yet lack the courage to start again. 

That vicious critique from the RNA earlier this year hurt me so much and really knocked my confidence.  I have barely dared write a word since.  I feel as though I have been trying to fill my time with new hobbies and activities to take my mind off the fact that I can no longer write.

I have been getting rejection after rejection.  I know every author – supposedly – gets them, but I’m just fed up of it now, and almost annoyed.

Maybe my forthcoming OU Start Writing Fiction course will boost my confidence?  My course material came in the post yesterday – scary stuff.  I am hoping this course will give me the kick up the arse that I need.

I wonder whether I should also forget trying to get published for a while and just concentrate on writing for my own and my family and friends’ pleasure?  Would that take some pressure off me, I wonder?

I get so disheartened when I receive negative criticism – maybe I should shift the emphasis from writing to try and win favour with other people to simply writing because I genuinely enjoy it?


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