Start writing fiction?

I need to sit down and have a good read of my OU Start Writing Fiction course material, which arrived in the post a few days ago.  There is a great sheaf of sheets, an audio CD and CD-ROM.  It all looks rather scary.

I wish I could get myself out of this rut I have gotten into.  I have such a pathetic lack of confidence about my writing, want to hide and seem so fearful of everything.

I have so far opened the cellophane and had a little skim read of the course material last night.  I shall sit down and start to digest in detail tonight, though suspect it will take a few nights.  There is such a lot to it, it scares me.  I hope I have done the right thing in enrolling on this course and am not going to make a total tit of myself.

I filed my stuff away in the folder I have bought myself, and wrote sticky labels with appropriate headings on the dividers.  Even that little act made me feel better, as though I was going some way to getting organised, which just shows how pathetic I am at the moment.

I want to give my all to this course, so need to really knuckle down and make an effort with the work.  I don’t intend to treat it like A-levels (my mum made me stop on in the sixth form), which I absolutely loathed and was therefore extremely half-hearted about studying.  I used to look for any excuse to put off writing essays or doing revision.

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