Victory for Universally Challenged!!

My team triumphed in Wednesday’s charity quiz night!  Not that I like to boast, but…well let’s say I’ve had trouble getting my head through the door for the last couple of days!!

We competed in rounds about general knowledge, books, TV, sport, music, advertising slogans, lines from films (we were given a line and asked to identify both the film and the actor who delivered it) and two picture rounds, in which we were given 20 pictures in each case and asked to identify respectively celebrities and capital cities.

Universally Challenged emerged the proud victors with a whopping 93 points.  It was such a buzz.  You may have discerned that my confidence has not been sky-high of late, so doing well at something like this gave me a welcome boost.

Our prizes were a selection of wines, to be divvied between the team as we wished.  The bottle I plumped for was a yummy M&S raspberry and pear chardonnay, which I shall be cracking open tonight.  Cheers!

The quiz was a work do in aid of our charity for the year, Home-Start Sutton Coldfield.  This sort of thing is a very new venture for us.  We are a very small law firm, and for our first major corporate event it was a great success.  We managed to attract 12 teams, each consisting of up to six people.  The entrance fees and raffle raised an impressive £310.

It was an excellent event, with a fun atmosphere, and I’m looking forward to the next one.  There is something rather addictive about a quiz.

And the fundraising continues.  Today was Jeans for Genes Day, so we did our bit by paying £1 to wear what used to be known as ‘mufti’ to work.


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