It was the 90s – perms were in!!

What a wonderful thing Facebook can be!  My old school friend Sally has posted a few fifth-form piccies from 1993- including this poodle perm-ridden gem below – which have got me feeling all nostalgic:

Can you spot the former Miss Rowley amongst this wacky bunch?

Can you spot the former Miss Rowley amongst this wacky bunch?

I was a shy, gawky kid who hated school, yet in that pic I look relatively comfortable and one of the gang.  That is actually quite a revelation to me.  I was such a wallflower.  It was unusual for me to make it on to any pictures at all.

I was bullied throughout high school (not by any of those girls above), which was a very isolating experience, but not everyone at my school was a Vicky Pollard.  I also had a fair number of friends (many of whom I am back in touch with via Facebook).

Perhaps I wasn’t as dorky as I imagined?

I showed Sally’s pictures to my workmates at lunchtime.  It felt good actually, to be sharing these images of my past with my contemporary friends.  We had a good giggle over some of the hair ‘styles’ of the day – whatever were we thinking with all those fizzy curls?!

This somehow led us into a conversation about first boyfriends (we are all female).  It was quite interesting really, and a relatively unusual subject matter for us.  The discussion was not a nasty rant about vile exes, but rather a fond (yes, perhaps rose-tinted) sharing of stories about crushes and dates and adolescent snogs.

After decades have elapsed you can laugh about your first love; wonder what the hell you saw in a guy for whom you would have quite cheerfully died at 17.

We are all of diverse ages in the office, though a lot of our experiences were relatively similar.  It was funny how a few of us commented on not being able to clearly recall the distinct characters of these men for whom we would have died.

It just shows that at that age the notion of ‘going out with someone’ was more important than actually enjoying intense companionship with a compatible partner.  It didn’t always matter what came out of the guy’s mouth, so long as he was hunky (haven’t used that word for years) and taking you out.  Yes, first love can be shallow.  You are so insecure, and irrationally terrified of ending up on the shelf.


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