OU chat

Tonight I have been chatting with some of my fellow students in the OU forum.  I can see myself getting quite addicted to it.

It really is true that it’s a comfort making contact with others in the same boat.  Studying alone at home can be an isolating experience; the idea of online conferencing is to take the ‘distance’ out of distance learning.

It was my first visit to the forum tonight, and I was rather overwhelmed wading through the volume of posts on there.  When you sign up for something like this, you kind of think it’s just you and it’s almost a surprise to see all these other names.

Sometimes forums can be cliquey, but everyone I’ve conversed with on the OU one thus far has been friendly.  People have the same worries and questions; there is no need to fear ‘sounding thick.’  I feel that just spending an hour online conferencing has broken the ice.

It’s also a comfort, daft as it sounds, knowing that other course members have other things going on in their lives.  There are folks with families, demanding jobs and other commitments that they have to juggle alongside studies.  That’s the beauty of the OU.  Nobody expects us to be full-time scholars.  If everybody else can do it, so can I.  I have no excuse not to do well.

Tomorrow we’ll find out to which tutor groups we have been allocated, and be divided off into tutor group forums for discussion about specific parts of the course.  The tutor groups consist of only about 20 people, so at least it should be easier keeping track of posts on those forums than on the general course one which has about 800 members!

I’m nervous, I have a lot to get through in the next 12 weeks, yet another part of me is loving this course already.  It’s a great thrill knowing I’m doing something for me.  Anything I gain from it will be mine, and nobody can take it away.

Ooh, I could write so much here!  I just hope I’m as prolific with the activities on the course.


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