I’ve started!!

I actually decided I might as well knuckle down and start the coursework tonight.

The course does not officially kick off until Saturday, but I know from reading the forums that some folks have begun work on their activities already and I guess there is no harm in getting a little head start.  I’m sure there will be elements to the work that are going to require more of my time, just as there may be others that I sail through.  I feel I have done all the background reading and groundwork I need – I may as well just hold my nose and plunge in.

I completed my first activity tonight, for which we were asked to introduce ourselves to our respective tutors, setting out in 50-100 words who we are and what we hope to achieve from the course.

My study environment is the kitchen table, from which we cleared our steak and Guinness pie and accompanying sauce bottles (winter comfort food) but one hour ago.  This room is light, warm and distraction-free.  I have my bottle of water and plethora of pens to hand.  So far I am feeling motivated, but then it is only day one.


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