I have spent most of today getting stuck into my OU coursework.  I can’t believe I started this work less than a week ago – I seem to have been immersed forever in the Start Writing Fiction course website, my journal and the online tutor group forums.

It sounds cheesy and X Factor-ish, but I definitely feel I am ‘going on a journey’ and this course is changing me as a person.  I already feel so much more confident, disciplined and organised by virtue of having a routine and goals to work towards.

This could well turn out to be one of the best things I have ever done…

One of the activities asked us, in 50 words (I went slightly over the limit), describe an object in our possession: what it looks, feels and smells like and means to us emotionally.

Much as I hate to label him as an ‘object’ (he’s real, you know!), my choice was my teddy bear, Edward!  Slightly silly, but I thought I’d share my observations:

My babyhood teddy bear, my dad’s first gift to his only child.  Aged 31 now, Edward’s yellowy fur is wearing away in patches, his black woollen nose is coming undone, but otherwise he has worn well.  He looks smart in his navy blue dungarees knitted by my mum.  He smells of fluff and age and love.  I adore the feel of his slightly scratchy fur against my face.

Please don’t throw up – he means a lot to me!  I’m sure more of you than would care to admit it still have your aged cuddly animals!

And for anyone desperate to know what Edward looks like, here he is:


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