Winter sports in the early morning

This was my OU exercise for the day:

“Set your alarm for tomorrow at least half an hour earlier than usual, go straight to your writing desk and begin.  Before you go to sleep, choose one word from the following: garden, child, library, love, car, winter holiday. When you wake, start to write about your chosen word.”

I chose ‘winter holiday,’ before I went to bed last night as directed, got up at 5:45 this morning and before brewing coffee or even having a wash started scribbling without much of a clue where I was heading.  I ended up producing a stream of consciousness on the subject of skiing, or specifically my not exactly successful attempts at learning the sport.

I started the piece off by saying I had no story to share, but clearly I did after all.  Such is the beauty of these exercises.  They encourage you to start writing, to just write anything, to free up the unconscious, to not wait to be inspired.  What I committed to my computer screen this morning may not be Jane Austen, but I feel a healthy sense of ‘getting it all out.’

I have posted the results of this exercise on here in my new OU Pieces section.

A lot of writers say they achieve their best work early in the morning.  Apparently it’s something to do with being in close proximity to their dreams!  I don’t know about that, but I certainly am a morning person, much more than I used to be at any rate.  In my dim and distant student days, I rarely saw mornings at all as midday lie-ins were my norm.  It’s a different story nowadays.

It was slightly surreal sitting there unwashed at the kitchen table (AKA my work desk) in my dressing gown and unsexy socks typing away.  There was something quite fun and faintly reckless about it too.

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