The traumas of Cyril and Hilda

I feel drained after an intense weekend working on my ‘write 500 words in the voice of a character’ exercise, which now appears on here as Cyril and Hilda’s Story.

The story has been driving me mad for the last two days, to the extent that I don’t feel I have really had a weekend.  I’ve been totally immersed in it; frustrated at how long it has taken me and at the difficulty I’ve had keeping it within the 500-word limit.  I managed to lop it down for the OU, but the version on here is the expanded one as I feel it does greater justice to the story I was attempting to tell.

I know I ought not to moan, since I chose to undertake this course, and I am reaping many benefits from it in other ways.  I guess I am going to have ups and downs, the same with any course.

I have another 500-word exercise to complete, a tutorial, for which we are asked to tell a story from a character’s childhood.  I’m sure I feel like plunging into another long piece just yet.  I may continue with the coursework, progressing through a few of the shorter activities, before going back to do that one.

I hope I don’t become so frustrated and disheartened with the tutor-marked assignments, which actually count towards our final grade.  I am aiming for brilliant marks on this course; I would hate to be left with the feeling of just wanting to finish a piece because I’m fed up with it.


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  1. January 5, 2012 at 8:01 am

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