I’m feeling ambivalent about the course today.

On the one hand, I’m steaming ahead through the activities on the course website and actually wondering whether I’m doing them too quickly.

Then on the other hand, when I get a task like the ‘Cyril and Hilda’ one (see below) I struggle and almost want to weep with frustration.  I think I panicked at the weekend.  Funnily enough, I seem to get my best work done during the week, an hour before I go to work and two hours during the evening.  I seem more focused in those two hours than I manage to be when I have the whole of a Saturday or Sunday at my disposal.

One of the tasks I did last night asked us to write a character sketch about a character very similar to ourselves but with a ‘dramatic external alteration’ – i.e. they could be much older/younger or the opposite sex.  It was a very interesting exercise.  I enjoy these short little bursts where I can just let myself go like that; it’s the 500-word epics I seem to flounder with.

I couldn’t quite picture myself as a man, so decided to write about me aged 73, or Agnes as I called myself.  This Agnes is a sprightly retired legal secretary who finally had her first novel published at the age of 60 and now devotes her much welcome free time to writing.  She is also an active member of the local ramblers association and has also been a practitioner of tai chi for over 40 years.  She lives in a beautiful retirement bungalow in Sutton Coldfield with her husband of 43 years, Nathaniel, and their beloved cat Vienna III.

So there you go!!


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