Another busy Sunday

I feel absolutely drained again after another day doing coursework.  Much as I like the work, I am starting to hate this aching, tired, irritable feeling I get at the end of a Sunday (for some reason I seem more raring to go during the week).  It sounds pathetic, but I actually ache, I suppose from leaning over the laptop for such long periods.

For today’s tasks I wrote a 200-word description of a character’s bedroom, which is supposed to reveal character, and then two 250-word views of a supermarket, from the point of view of firstly a woman who has just received a promotion at work and then the same woman who has just ended a love affair.  They were good exercises, and I have posted them here, under the ‘OU Activities’ heading.

Tomorrow I must start work on the first eTMA, which I admit I am absolutely dreading.  It has to be handed in by a week next Friday, so I can’t hang about.  I hate this panicky feeling I get when I have a deadline.  I want to do so well in these assignments; I am so afraid of rushing and blowing my chances.


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