eTMA Nightmares

I finished my ‘character sketch’ part of the eTMA and have made a start on the next part of the assignment, set in a busy city street written from a child’s eye view.  The story is supposed to kick off just after something has happened in this busy street.

It sounds gruesome, but for my ‘thing that has just happened’ I have decided to have somebody commit suicide by jumping off the roof of a multi-storey car park.  Bear with me, I think the idea could work.  There will be no gore, the little girl narrator sees a grown man apparently fly off a roof and wonders if he’s Superman.

This was the piece I was probably dreading writing most of all but, as is often the way, I am surprising myself by getting into it.  A story from a young child’s viewpoint is something I would never write by choice, but for a change it is actually quite freeing having to use simple language.

I’m going to finish this piece over the weekend, then from Monday to Wednesday work on the fictionalisation of a radio news story.

The official eTMA deadline is a week today (Friday), but the OU really like you to submit at least 24 hours in advance, in case of computer problems.  Only next Thursday is Nathan’s birthday.  I do not intend spending my husband’s birthday on the computer, so will have to submit it Wednesday evening instead.  Aarrghh, panic!!

I will be so glad to get the assignment submitted and out of the way, though.  I’ve had the same stressful feeling I used to experience while revising for my exams at school.  I actually used to grow bored of feeling nervous, and desperate to get the exam done and dusted.  Unfortunately the panic used to take over and prevent me doing myself total justice in the exam.

I really hope my silly nerves don’t scupper my chances on this course.  It means so much to me, and is certainly a hell of a lot more pleasurable than bloody A-levels.  I set out with the aim of attaining wonderful results, though I suppose in practice I will be happy to simply pass.

That’s the trouble, I suppose, with this issue of mine with my nerves taking over.  The need to complete the task starts to outweigh my perfectionism.  I do not always respond well to pressurised situations.


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