Sretan Božić Mr Sanader

For the benefit of non-Croatian readers, the above means ‘Merry Christmas Mr Sanader’ – Ivo Sanader being the Prime Minister of Croatia, who due to the credit crunch has taken the decision to ban public sector workers in his country from having office Christmas parties and exchanging Christmas cards with their colleagues!!

So now you know.

It is also going the title of my final piece for the OU eTMA, the ‘fictionalise a story you hear on the radio’ one.  I’m going to write from the point of view of a disappointed civil servant whose Christmas party plans have been scuppered.

I have never been to Croatia, and until an hour ago knew next to nothing about the country.  My preparation for this story involved a spot of online research, about common Croatian names, attractions and landmarks, and even Croatian working hours.  It just goes to show the level of background work that needs to go into even the shortest of fiction.


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