Vicars, Croatians and suicide

My three eTMA 01 pieces – Flying Like Superman, the Ellery Crisp character sketch and Sretan Božić Bruno – are complete to what I consider to be the best of my ability.  I am now sick of looking at them.

I hate to sound pretentious, but creativity genuinely takes a lot out of me.  I feel sapped after living and breathing this assignment for what I can’t believe has only been a week.  I find it all very intense and headache-inducing.  I can see why I never went to university (among many other reasons).

In terms of difficulty, I struggled most with the Croatian story, the one based on a radio story.  One of the requirements was to write this one without dialogue, which to me felt very unnatural.  I enjoy writing conversation, and without it I feel this piece is flat.  The character sketch was OK, as I was recycling a character I’ve written of before, but as I said earlier Flying Like Superman surprised me by being fun to do.

I am not anticipating brilliant marks, yet don’t feel I can add anything further to the stories.  They meet the word count and my name is at the top of the page – hopefully I shall at least get marks for those things!  During GCSEs and A-levels, I was always paranoid about scrawling my name at the top of every sheet.  Having worked so hard on the creative side of things, I would kick myself to death were I to be penalised now on such petty points.


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