Birthday dinosaur bones, sea monsters and onions

We had a lovely time on my husband Nathan’s birthday yesterday.  We both booked the day off and went to Thinktank, Birmingham’s science museum, like a couple of wide-eyed kids on a school trip.

It’s such an interesting place.  Thinktank houses many of the exhibits we both vaguely recalled seeing on school trips to the old science museum in the city have been retained there.  These include relics from the city’s incredible industrial past: the City of Birmingham steam locomotive, the Smethwick Engine, a tram, a pair of robots from the Jaguar factory and machinery from city factories.

There are also numerous more modern, interactive displays, and a wildlife gallery featuring a triceratops skull and dinosaur crocodile skeleton.



Although this worked out rather pricey, we decided to splash out and also get tickets for the IMAX Cinema and Planetarium, which are also within the complex.

The IMAX was unbelievable.  We watched a short film called Sea Monsters in 3D on a 50ft screen.  The effects were stunning; it was so beautiful and serene to feel enveloped by the ocean and surrounded by shoals of prehistoric sea creatures.  You felt as though if you opened your mouth the fish could swim inside.

The Planetarium was interesting too.  The talk we attended was on climate change, accompanied by images projected on to the overhead domed screen.

A group of immature idiots behind us started to mar this experience by sniggering and talking over the guide.  My husband, a normally gentle, placid man, was driven mad by their schoolboy-ish behaviour (this lot looked too old for school) and ordered them to‘Shut the **** up!’  It actually worked – we heard not a peep from those wallies throughout the rest of the talk!  Perhaps my hubby gives off scary vibes!!

I mean, what kind of people pay for tickets to something like that when they are going to take no interest and spoil things for the rest of us by acting like second-years in a boring school lesson?

It was a longer day than we’d anticipated.  There was so much to see.  We were there a good five hours, spending most of those on foot, which proved tiring.

I finally submitted my eTMA on Wednesday night.  I had such a tummy ache all evening – often the way relief manifests itself with me, following a period of worry.  I couldn’t believe how tense I’d been about the whole thing.  Going to tai chi definitely calmed me that night.

I had today off too, and got seriously stuck into the next block of the course, which deals with plot, narrative and time.  After living and breathing the assignment for the last week or so, working through the shorter activities and reading through the accompanying material came as a relief.

This evening I made a start on my Christmas pickled onions!  I peeled 2kg of the things (cue lots of tears) and am soaking them overnight in brine.  If you desire a jar of these beauties as a Crimbo pressie, do shout up!!


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