I suppose 76% isn’t bad

I have decided I feel a bit better about my OU result.  I got 30 out of 33 for Flying Like Superman, which I am well chuffed with, and 23 out of 33 and 34 respectively for the Ellery Crisp piece and the Croatian one.

My tutor told me I ‘write with clarity and skill’ and ‘understand the connection between character and atmosphere.’  She said Bruno in my Croatian story was such a vivid character, she wondered whether he is one I had been previously developing.  He actually isn’t, I created him purely for that assignment, so I was flattered by her assumption.

Her main criticism was that I ought to keep things a bit simpler when writing to restrictive word counts, and cut down on excessive backstory.  I agree with her – I do tend to over-complicate storylines.  I am so paranoid about my work coming across as ‘boring’ that I try to cram in too much story.

So really I can’t complain about my result.  I have chatted with fellow OU students on the course forum, and quite a few achieved similar marks.  At least the criticisms were just, unlike certain reviews I’ve received this year which were simply rude and vitriolic.


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