Vote Tom and Camilla!!

Woo-hoo – the Strictly final is tonight!!  And yes, I shall be voting for the delightful Tom and Camilla.

I have completed my OU coursework!  Yes, I know I have got ahead of myself but I wanted to finish working through the exercises on the course website by Christmas, so I can thereafter concentrate purely on the big and scary second eTMA, which counts for 70% of the overall mark and has to be submitted by 23rd January.

I still have no clue what to write for eTMA 02.  Our task is to do a 1,500-word story which contains time-shift and dialogue – and one or more of the following subjects: honour, passion, hair, shame, music, abandonment, prison, a letter, a musical instrument or a knife!!

I need to sit down over Christmas and have a serious brainstorm of ideas that these random topics suggest to me.  I am still half hoping inspiration will strike me in my sleep.

It has been a brilliant course.  I have learned a lot.  I just hope I will now have the confidence to continue writing once I’m out on my own, as it were, free of the limitations and discipline of the course exercises.

Nathan and I are actually going to be having some time away over the Christmas period, which is a first for us.  We are having a couple of nights at a hotel not a million miles from home but we just wanted to escape from said home for a couple of days.  This looks set to be our quietest Christmas for about ten years (which is fine by me), hence we can afford to get away for a while.

By the way, I have received my membership renewal form from the malicious biddy society who gave me that hate-filled critique of my Gap Year novel earlier this year.

Er no, don’t think I’ll be filling that one in somehow.  I can’t afford, especially in these lean times, to fork out nearly £100 a year to have my work spewed over with their vitriol.

The feedback from my OU tutor has shown me how constructive and encouraging critiques can be.  I agreed with everything my tutor said (and not just the praise), and was so appreciative that she never resorted to spite or inaccuracies.

By way of example of the latter, the Gap Year reviewer informed me that I ‘do not understand punctuation’ – when the previous year the same organisation described my spelling, punctuation and grammar as ‘flawless!’  Work that one out.


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