Final blog of the year

Hope you all had a good Christmas and Santa was kind.  Ours was nice and quiet.  We went away for a couple of days, only local-ish though, to the Hilton Hotel in Bromsgrove.  The weather was very cold, though bright, and we enjoyed a rural, frosty walk through beautiful Chaddesley Woods and the nearby villages.

I am now turning my attention to my second OU assignment, the dreaded eTMA 02.  We are required to write a 1,500-word story, which must be submitted by 23rd January at the very latest.

Despite promises to myself, I did no work on it over the festive period.  I today forced myself to sit down and brainstorm a few ideas, since I still lack inspiration.  It will have to strike me at some point.  This assignment is the biggie, the one which counts for 70% of the final mark.  I really want to achieve a higher mark than the 76% I got for eTMA 01, in order to bring my overall mark up.

It’s just a shame that I find watching YouTube clips from The Chart Show (remember that?) infinitely more entertaining.  I am loving reliving those teenage memories, of the Indie Charts and Rock Charts and what seemed at the time like innovative TV graphics.

I adored The Chart Show when I was 14 and 15, even more than Top of the Pops actually.  I never used to get out of bed until it finished, which was about 1:00pm!

I may not be the biggest fan of Christmas per se, but I admit I do love having this time off work and spending my days doing things I wouldn’t normally do during the day, such as poring over YouTube clips or reading books.

Happy New Year to everyone.  L xx


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