Happy new year!

I finally have an idea for an eTMA story.  It actually incorporates several of the suggested themes: prison, music, a letter and possibly also passion and a knife!  I won’t outline the story just yet, though.  Suffice to say it will appear here once it’s complete.

It was quite late yesterday afternoon when this idea struck me, as a result of my brainstorming and note-making.  The feeling when I finally got my ‘Eureka!’ moment was incredible.  I always have such a sense of relief and of everything falling into place when ‘it’ finally occurs to me.

The lure of The Chart Show on YouTube is still often proving too tempting when I really ought to be spending time working.  Those indie charts and dance charts from 1990/1991 are so addictive to watch.  You literally feel yourself becoming sucked in.

It’s incredible how vividly certain music from that era stirs up early teenage memories.  I only have to hear, for example, You Got the Love by Candi Staton or Justified and Ancient by KLF, and I’m 14 again, all hormones and Monster Munches.

We watched Mamma Mia on DVD (a Christmas pressie of mine) last night.  I loved it all over again, though I think it was a little too camp and girlie for Nathan’s taste.  I think it is such a great film.  It just makes me feel so happy.


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