Ronni’s Reprisal

Sorry for the recent lack of updates, which has been due to working hard on my dreaded final OU assignment.

At times this week I have approached meltdown.  It was almost reminding me of my traumatic A-level experience (if any studying experience ever could be that bad) during which I put my poor parents through hell with my strops and throwing of textbooks down stairs.

Obviously, unlike A-levels, I chose to undertake the OU course so can’t really complain.  It doesn’t stop me, though!!  No, joking apart, I have learned a lot in these last 12 weeks and certainly don’t regret my spell as an OU student.  The discipline involved, and the tips I have picked up, have bucked up my confidence and taught me to love writing again.  It’s just that the pressure of assignments gets to me, as did exam stress back in the day.

My story, which may end up being entitled as per the title of this blog entry, focuses on Veronica ‘Ronni’ Pyke, a convicted stalker who writes a very deluded letter to her prison pen pal!  Nice and light then.  Actually it marks a huge departure from my traditional chicklit style and observational humour.  I know not whether the OU dole out marks for risk-taking, but I am not being afraid to admit to the tutors that I am taking a large step outside of my proverbial comfort zone.

I have reached the stage of being heartily sick of the thing, have had a hell of a week writing and editing it and now just want rid.  I absolutely dread the final results, though.

On Friday night I actually had a night off the studying and went to see the fabulous Anton Du Beke and Erin Boag, of Strictly Come Dancing fame, at Symphony Hall.  Mum and I had front row tickets.  It was a lovely show, which also featured the red-hot champion Latin dancers Chris Marques and Jaclyn Spencer, the London Concert Orchestra and Richard Shelton, a Wolverhampton-born singer in the Frank Sinatra vein.

They performed ballroom and Latin routines to the likes of Cheek to Cheek, Diamonds are Forever, Roxanne, Take Five, Sing Sing Sing, Cherry Pink (and Apple Blossom White), My Way and It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing).

We unfortunately couldn’t spontaneously think of a question to submit in the foyer during the interval.  Anton and Erin answered a selection in the second half.  They included, for Anton, ‘What is underneath your Hole in the Wall costume?’ (Answer: ‘It’s all me!!’) and, for Erin, ‘When are you getting married?’ (Answer: ‘June, in Italy, with Anton as head bridesman!’).

Can’t wait for the actual Strictly tour, which comes to Birmingham next month (although won’t feature Anton and Erin, unfortunately).


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