…I have just submitted my final OU assignment!!!  I have read the bloody thing over and over and grown so sick of checking every comma and over-editing it that I just had to get rid.  In the last few days I have really grown sick of it all.  I have had to restrict my work to mornings because in the evenings I have felt so tired I haven’t been physically able to do more than about half an hour’s work.

So that’s the Start Writing Fiction course over for me then.  I can’t quite believe it.  These 12 weeks have sped by.  I have learned so much and regained a lot of my confidence, which was on the floor at the beginning of the course.

Having said that, it has been an intense course and just the right length for me.  I don’t know how people study for degrees, to be honest.  I am not a natural academic; I don’t always find it easy to apply myself to studies.  Obviously this was a subject which interested me, but if a subject doesn’t I simply can’t force myself to sit down and cram for it.  I am far too easily distracted.

Now I have to wait until March – MARCH!!! – for the dreaded final result.  No point spending the next two months fretting about it, though, I suppose.  I may as well forget about it and get on with my life until result day, when I will no doubt be in oceans of tears.

It seems weird to think the course is over, just like that.  Obviously with distance learning you are never going to get the interaction and camaraderie of college, so there will be no fanfare because we’ve finished.  It’s slightly strange to suddenly have my evenings and early mornings free again, after three months of working to my self-imposed timetable.

So what now?  I never sit still for long.  Obviously I’m still very keen on tai chi, and I plan plenty of walking and swimming, to shift the weight I’ve put on during my sedentary study period.  I fancy doing a wine tasting course as well, and some kind of orienteering or map/compass reading course, which might assist me in finding my way across the wild and lovely Peak District. 

Writing-wise, I now feel brave enough to have another go at The Four Matthews, that difficult fourth novel I was planning to start last year.  I also started writing a shortie called Flash Harry, for submission to a women’s mag, which I didn’t quite get around to finishing.


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