25 random facts about me

1. I am an atheist.  I could rant for literally hours about my reasons why.

2. I am a regular blood donor.  When Jehovah’s Witnesses call, I tell them this.  It usually gets rid of them.

3. I hail from the same town as Lenny Henry, Duncan Edwards, Sue Lawley and Norman Pace, the one without the moustache in Hale & Pace.

It’s worth mentioning that my dad played football (albeit to not quite the same level of skill) with Duncan Edwards as 1950s teenagers.  I can’t claim they were best mates, just kids part of the same crowd having a kick around in the park (jumpers, no doubt, for goalposts).  Albeit this was before the era of the superstar footballer, Dad always used to say Duncan was very down to earth, not an ‘untouchable’ Beckham type.

4. I never give in to bullying or emotional blackmail.

5. I have planned my own funeral (a humanist ceremony, naturally).  I found doing so a very comforting and not at all morbid exercise.

6. I have visited 14 countries.  My favourite was our honeymoon destination, Mauritius.  I would go back tomorrow (or for an anniversary at least).

7. As a kid, I adored the sitcom Hi-de-Hi and would play for hours with my toy xylophone, pretending to be Gladys Pugh.  I also still have a signed photo of Su Pollard which she sent me when I was four!

8. I wear a size 7 shoe.

9. I feel the cold pathetically badly.  If I reach the age of 80, I will no doubt need 18 jumpers on just to get the milk in.

10. I have written three novels and numerous short stories.

11. I was a journalist for four years.  I did my training at college in Gloucester at the time that Rosemary West, the city’s most infamous citizen, was on trial for mass murder.  It was a very eye-opening experience, in more ways than one.

12. I go to tai chi classes on a Wednesday, swim once a week (at 7:00am – you may well hate me for this) and do lots of writing and walking, in between the usual pastimes like seeing my friends, going to work, shopping, etc.  I like having lots of interests.  I hate sitting still for too long.

13. My husband and I have been together 11 years and married for just over a year and a half.  We are not joined at the hip.  We relish both our time together and our independence.  We are extremely close and devoted, but not one of those couples who can’t even seem to go to the toilet apart.

14. I have a tattoo of a ginger cat on my right shoulder.  Sometimes I actually forget it’s there until folks comment on it.

15. I am a ‘love kids but not for me’ type.  I absolutely adore my nephews and friends’ kids, yet do not possess a maternal bone in my body.  Some people cannot understand this.  Sorry folks, I can’t force myself to have feelings.  If you think this somehow makes me ‘hard’ or ‘evil,’ you really don’t know much.  Luckily my husband feels the same as me, which is all that matters really.

16. Since I was 14, I have had an irrational hatred of the group Simply Red.

17. I have on separate occasions in my life eaten kangaroo and bison.

18. I just don’t get what is supposedly so hilarious about Russell Brand.

19. However, I love Alan Carr, Peter Kay and Ricky Gervais.

20. My favourite musicals are Singin’ in the Rain, High Society, Mamma Mia, We Will Rock You, Cabaret and Oliver.

21. I live life to the full, and having ‘experiences’ is much more important to me than acquiring possessions.  Should I ever come into money, I would spend it on travel and holidays rather than houses and cars.

22. I love obscure and underrated sitcoms – Watching, Surgical Spirit, Desmond’s, etc – as well as the traditional classics like Fawlty Towers, Steptoe & Son and Rising Damp.

23. I spend far too much time on YouTube.

24. Like Gromit’s friend Wallace, I am crackers about cheese.  Favourite varieties include Wensleydale (especially with cranberries), Gruyère, St Augur and an eye-wateringly sharp cheddar.

25. This is all rather self-indulgent, but cathartic too.


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