Happy Valentine’s Day…

…you old romantics out there.  I shall cooking for my husband our traditional 14th Feb dinner (we never go out for the occasion, since every restaurant hikes their prices and crams diners in, which makes for a not so romantic atmosphere).  This year’s meal consists of spaghetti carbonara – my favourite dish – with chocolate rum soufflé for dessert.

I have been attempting to resurrect my ‘walking’ novel, The Four Matthews, which I began a year ago but abandoned when all confidence in my writing was zapped away.  It wasn’t really coming together last year, so I have replaced some of the characters and now feel happier with the direction I intend taking the story.

My research for this story has involved tracing my fictional route on the atlas and checking Wikipedia for anecdotes about the towns and villages being walked through by my cagoule-clad characters.

This could end up being a slightly unusual novel, and probably a very self-indulgent exercise for me since it is highly unlikely to be commercially published (I could never send it to that literary organisation which made me feel lower than a dog turd for daring to bother them with Gap Year, as they would undoubtedly despise it).

I intend having the eventual finished product bound, as I have done with my previous efforts, so it will at least end up resembling a book.  I will also no doubt upload extracts of it to this site.  I am going to see if I enjoy the freeing sensation of writing just what I like rather than trying to conform to a literary association’s constraints.

I am quite nervous about embarking on another novel.  I will just have to make the effort to maintain the confidence given to me by completing the OU course.


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