I’m published!!!

I am absolutely thrilled (not to say stunned) to announce that my short story TV Spa-Dom has been accepted for publication in My Weekly magazine!!!!!!!

At the risk of sounding like a hyperactive teenager, I feel every one of those exclamation marks is justified in this case.  This has given me such an unbelievable boost.  I have had no fiction published since I was 17, when a kiddies’ story I wrote made it into the Bunty annual.  It is wonderful to know that somebody believes in me.

Mel and Gloria Corns, the two main characters in the story, who I loved so much I gave them prominent cameo appearances in my novel Gap Year, were originally drawn as very Black Country.  In order to reach a wider magazine audience, I ‘un-Dudley-fied’ them.  I have uploaded this current version of the story here so you can see what the MW fiction editor liked the look of!

So much for ‘certain people’ who told me I am a hopeless writer!!

I have submitted dozens of stories to various women’s magazines over the last year – in fact I sent this one off in June, so it just shows it pays to be patient in this game – and this moment has seemed so out of reach as I’ve received rejection letter after rejection letter.

I must admit this story is not one that I had particularly considered one of my best.  However, of all the magazines in my sights MW do tend to favour quirkier angles and offbeat subject matter, so I guess TV Spa-Dom would not have found favour with any other publication.

No news yet on actual publication date, but rest assured I will let you know as soon as I hear!  I’m sure my mother and I between us will buy up every copy of My Weekly stocked in every newsagent in the West Midlands.


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