Saayyy yoooo…

Hubby and I saw the marvellous Lionel Richie in concert at the NEC last night.  It was just him, no support act, and he was on stage for two hours with an energetic performance of solo and Commodores hits.  He clearly commands a lot of love from an audience.

Starting with the Commodores ballad Easy, he delivered classic slowies like Hello (yeah, cheesy song but I love it), Say You Say Me (an anthemic highlight), Endless Love (with the ladies in the crowd singing the Diana Ross part) Stuck on You, Three Times a Lady and Ballerina Girl and funkier hits like All Night Long, Dancing on the Ceiling, You Are My Destiny and Brick House.

Some distracting audience ‘entertainment’ came early on when a trio of catfighting girls were forcibly ejected by the stewards!  And there was me thinking Lionel fans were gentle people!

Despite this morning being afflicted by Not Had Enough Sleep After A Concert Syndrome, I am beginning my British Summer Time fitness campaign by walking to and from work.  I have only just finished limping around like Herr Flick following Saturday’s Peak District yonp, so here’s hoping I won’t seize up altogether.  Wish me luck…


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