The Four Matthews

I have uploaded the introduction to my current novel The Four Matthews in the ‘Novel intros’ section.  This new book of mine will centre around a group of disparate individuals who take a week’s walking holiday along the (fictitious, of course) Four Matthews route in central England.

I’ve done it as a ‘pre-chapter,’ so to speak, which I’ve divided into three sections.  Firstly we have the Wikipedia entry of seedy TV cook Julian Crowfoot (any resemblance to real-life celeb chefs is purely coincidental).  Then an e-mail to Naomi Ball, my heroine and narrator, from her slimy soon-to-be-ex-boss Adrian Raybould.  The third piece is an extract from the brochure of Best Foot Forward, which organises the walking breaks.

These pieces may be apparently random, but you will spot the connections between them.  Do feel free to leave comments if you so wish!!


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