Beginning a journey

I have written two paragraphs of Chapter 1 of The Four Matthews.  I feel pathetically proud of that achievement.

Want to read them?  Bear in mind this comes immediately after the Wikipedia entry, e-mail and brochure extract I’ve already posted on here.

Monday had a definite ‘first day of the rest of my life’ feel to it. The spring sun flooding my room seemed auspicious; the sensation of being bathed in it on that B&B candlewick couldn’t help but uplift me.

The three computer printouts I’d been rereading surrounded me like islands. I’d be barricading my bedroom door at Julian Crowfoot’s place on Saturday, just in case he lapsed into infamous habits – especially since Cadbury’s recently re-launched the Wispa.

You’re hooked, aren’t you? Go on, admit it!!

The tentative thrill of embarking on a new story, of setting out on a journey (yes, I know that word is overused in this X Factor era), is always exciting.

I am enjoying the restful Easter break, getting stuck into some writing but still having time to go for walks, watch DVDs of cheesy 80s sitcoms, see friends and family and get chores done.  Oh, how I wish every weekend could be four days long.


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