I wish I could write

At the risk of sounding like Orville, bemoaning his inability to ‘flyyy right up to the skyyy,’ I am struggling with my latest novel The Four Matthews.  I read published works by well-known authors and can’t help but be envious.

Some good news is that I have now been paid for my contribution to My Weekly!!  No news yet on when TV Spa-Dom will appear in the magazine, but the money is in my bank account and that should, I know, serve as a reminder that somebody at least likes my work and I am therefore ‘not that bad’ after all.  It ought to spur me on.

I do wonder whether short stories are more my forte than novels.  Writing a novel can be the most thankless slog – especially when my ‘reward’ is for it to be torn apart by some stuffy critic – but then again there are stories I have to get out of my system that just stick around and bug me if they remain unwritten.

After my awful experience with Gap Year last year, I intend to ‘please myself’ a bit more with The Four Matthews: have some fun with it, be a bit self-indulgent, ultimately have it bound so it looks like a book and friends and family at least can read it, but not bother any so-called literary advisers with the manuscript as they would no doubt make me feel I deserved to die for wasting their time.

My aim is to persevere with The Four Matthews, but once a month along the way take a break for a few days to write a short story which I will then contribute to a magazine.  I don’t know how known my name will became once I have been published in this periodical.  My Weekly at any rate may take notice of future contributions, now that they have me on their books as an established ‘supplier.’


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