A great weekend

A few sharks we saw at the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham:


And a nice turtle:



We had a lovely afternoon there on Saturday (25 April). It’s a brilliant and fascinating place. I’d had no idea there were so many species of sea creature in the world. Some of the fish were such beautiful and vivid colours, they barely look real. I found looking at them really rather relaxing and hypnotic.

There were seahorses, turtles, frogs, lobsters, crabs, electric eels, jellyfish, stingrays, sharks, otters, starfish, a great big fat bastard octopus and every kind of fish you can imagine. The jellyfish were probably my favourites, though. They move up and down like bizarre blue mushrooms. Perhaps I could adopt one!

On Saturday evening we went to see the brilliant Dancing on Ice at the NIA. Nine celebs competed: Ray Quinn (who won), Kyran Bracken (who I voted for), Jessica Taylor, Zoe Salmon, Suzanne Shaw, Chris Fountain, Roxanne Pallett, Melinda Messenger and Todd Carty (for comedy value), with their respective professional partners.

Andi Peters was presenting, and the judges were Ruthie Henshall, Nicky Slater, Karen Barber, Robin Cousins and guest judge Joanne Malin from Radio WM.

Torvill and Dean were there too, of course, and they gave an electrifying performance of their legendary Bolero.

Then yesterday Nath and I undertook another epic bike ride, this time 18 miles along the Manifold Way in the Peak District. Like the nearby Tissington Trail (along which we cycled a torturous 23 miles a couple of weeks ago), it is a virtually flat route. We found it a tad more interesting than Tissington, however. The route is slightly less straight and there is a bit more to see.

So, in all, a highly enjoyable and productive weekend.


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