Inspiration, please hit me!!

I received a rejection letter today – Woman’s Weekly advise me that A Civil Wedding is not quite suitable for their requirements – and, even despite my recent success with My Weekly, I can’t help a twinge of disappointment and frustration. I suppose any writer is only as good as their last published story, and I have no intention of becoming complacent and cocky.

I have this week bought the latest issues of a few mags for research purposes (what great research!). I like to see what sort of stories they are running at present. I need to draw inspiration from somewhere. I wish ideas came more naturally to me – I always have to brainstorm and ‘take my pen for a walk across the paper’ until they hit me. It’s the most frustrating aspect of my writing.

With regards to the My Weekly piece, by the way, they have no publication date for me as yet – although I am very happy to say I have been paid for my contribution!! In fact I have already spent the money! I know I can do this!!

I am now keen to build on my success and raise my standards. Just one published story is not enough of an achievement. By the end of the year, I would dearly hope to have had at least one other piece accepted for publication.

Whilst my ongoing project at present is my novel The Four Matthews, I aim to take a week off from it each month in order to write a short story and submit it to a magazine. These little breaks in the long-term project do refresh me and fire me up to return to the novel.

I love writing sooo much; despite all my other hobbies, it is still my favourite thing to do. I just wish I didn’t have to spend so long in this pen-chewing, banging-head-on-wall planning stages. Does inspiration come with experience? Are ideas more likely to leap into the heads of prolific scribblers? I wonder.


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