Writing can be a headache

I have added a new short story, Heather’s Headache.  I intend submitting this piece to Take a Break magazine, so it’s not exactly Ibsen, just a simple little story about a girl who takes a sickie from work which all goes wrong. 

I don’t claim it’s amazing literature, but still feel quite proud of myself for sticking to my self-imposed deadline and completing it in a day, which I did on Saturday.  It always gives me a boost when I manage to do that.  It just shows that with writing I can’t fart about, I simply have to sit down and get on with it.  I don’t actually hate the story – which is a positive thing, I suppose!

Writing, or any other creative hobby, is great because it gives you the freedom to do exactly what you like.  A piece of writing I create may not be highbrow literature, but once it’s done it’s mine, it’s unique and nobody can take it away from me.

Now that I have finished this month’s short story, I am picking up where I left off with The Four Matthews, after my little break from it.  I hope that taking time out to write these short stories will make me appreciate the novel, while at the same time providing me with a little light relief in the midst of it.  Little breaks from the long-running narrative should also do me good, enabling me to return to it with fresh eyes.


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