A few random musings about summer

I love the smell of barbecue smoke, I love the smell of suntan lotion as it reminds me of holidays, I love the salady scent of freshly mown grass, I love the fact I currently do not resemble a milk bottle, I love being outdoors, I love walking to and from work with Frank Sinatra or Ella Fitzgerald on my MP3 player, I love wearing shorts, I love a refreshingly cool glass of white wine.

Just in case you haven’t quite twigged yet…I LOVE SUMMER!!!

I am also attempting to create another short story, and have been reading the competition winners and runners-up on www.writersnews.co.uk in order to draw inspiration.  What I love is that these authors are not bestselling professionals but, like me, passionate amateur writers with full-time jobs.

I am torn between feeling depressed and inferior because of the awesome standard of these stories, and fired up with motivation because they just show that anyone can do it and that great literature can be borne out of seemingly mundane scenarios.

Washing up, a Scrabble game, shopping, a park bench and a motorway service station are just some of the themes explored.  It goes to show that earth-shattering drama and exotic settings are not necessary, so long as you have confidence in your subject matter.


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