Sun and fun runs

I completed Sutton Fun Run in 2 hours 34 minutes yesterday, which was considerably slower than last year but then it was rather a slog doing it in today’s searing heat. I really found it tough, especially the uphill bits. My feet were like jelly.

It was another gorgeously hot day, which made walking eight and a half miles quite a challenge. What was lovely was that numerous householders along the way kindly sprayed the boiling runners/walkers with their hosepipes. We were like competitors in a wet T-shirt contest by the end, but it was lovely. The marshals were also handing out sponges along the route. I must have had about six in all, which I kept shoving down my T-shirt like shoulder pads. My bottle of water had done horrid and tepid by the end, despite me giving it two hours in the freezer before I went out this morning.

There is always such a great atmosphere there. I love the fun run because it feels as though the whole town turns out in support.


I adore the sun sooo much. It has such a miraculous effect on my mood – though it does dry up my brain somewhat and I consequently find writing as much of a slog as long-distance walking at times.

On Saturday Nathan and I spent a lovely day in the gorgeous Forest of Dean. We cycled the 12-mile circular cycle track, taking a short detour to Mallards Pike, a picturesque pool. The route was interesting and a little more varied than the Peak District ones we have done, in that it wasn’t totally flat and was winding in parts. There was also plenty of shade, being a forest, so the ride wasn’t quite the trudge it might otherwise have been. Neither of us had been to the area before. It is very beautiful.

We had some lunch back at the car, then put the bikes in the car and went for a walk to Cannop Ponds, where we had a little sunbathe.



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