A touch of writer’s block

My efforts at coming up with a new short story are proving frustrating.  I absolutely hate this lack of inspiration, which is so pathetic.  Writers should never have ‘nothing to write about.’  I have more than the inclination to create, I get so many wonderful ideas from stories I read – so why do plots not come naturally to me?

Sometimes I feel as though trying to come up with ideas ought not to be such hard work.  It actually exhausts me.  I find it so intense, I go into a sort of trance.

I have decided I can’t waste any more time staring at a blank page or making notes that lead nowhere.  Clearly the short story juices are not flowing at present, so I would be far better employed carrying on with my novel.  At least I’ll be actually writing words, which is after all what writers are supposed to do.

I am putting pressure on myself with this scheme to ‘write a short story a month.’  Perhaps I ought to revise that plan and instead try and write short stories in between chapters of the novel?  Perhaps in the meantime ideas for future magazine submissions will spring forth naturally if I don’t go actively looking for them?

I know I do apply pressure to myself – I always have done in life – but I can’t be lazy and I so desperately want to have some more work published.  I simply HAVE to write.  If it isn’t quite my reason for being, it comes pretty close.  It’s a compulsion.  I love to unleash language and set it free to dance.  Even if it’s just my diary, I have to write something.  Even florid paragraphs of random crap are better than nothing.

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