Mum and I had a wonderful day today at Magnalonga, the annual seven-mile walk around the gorgeous town of Ludlow in Shropshire which offers participants, at each stage along the route, a five-course meal of locally produced ingredients. 

We were unbelievably lucky with the weather. It has been one of the nicest days of the year. If we’d been caught in heavy rain, the like of we have seen a lot of lately, it would have been dreadful.

To summarise, these were the courses we had and the stops we made along the seven-mile course:

1. Snack: bag of Tyrrells sweet chilli and red pepper crisps and bottle of water to get us going from Dinham Bridge. We were provided with a souvenir glass for our drinks along the way. A group of young violin players were performing at the start point.

2. Starter: cheese, tomato and pesto quiche, washed down with ‘Andromeda’ organic Herefordshire cider, in the back garden of a house, kindly donated for the day by a Mr and Mrs Moore, at Priors Halton. A nice jazz trio provided the music here.

3. Main course: sausage and leek hash, with Oliver’s pear cider, at Ludlow Food Centre on the A49.

4. Dessert: scrummy yummy chocolate pots, with Ludlow Brewing Company beer (don’t like beer so didn’t partake), at Felton Farm. Music was provided here by a young girl playing the violin.

5. My fave course (as you might imagine) – yummy cheeses with oatmeal biscuits in the grounds of Elm Lodge Hotel, washed down with Ludlow Festival Cider, which was pressed at last year’s Ludlow Food Festival. The cheeses were Ludlow Blue, Oakly Park Cheddar and ‘The Cheese With No Name,’ so called because a competition was run to find a name for this new local cheese but none of the entries were up to scratch, hence the name stuck! This latter one, which was quite similar to Brie, was actually my favourite cheese. Music came courtesy of an Indian guy playing a flute.

6. Finally a wee sloe gin was served at the finish point, back at Dinham Bridge.

It was a brilliant day with a lovely friendly, community atmosphere. We saw some picturesque scenery and met some nice people. I will definitely be back.




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