Ludlow Food Fest

I had a lovely day at Ludlow Food & Drink Festival today. The weather was glorious – it really could not have been more perfect. Our climate seems all to cock but hey, I don’t question it – I am loving this current late surge of sun.

Anyway, it was a great day, featuring hundreds of stalls selling (and in many cases giving away free samples of) local produce. Cheeses (my favourite), ciders (second fave), chutneys, nuts, crisps, pies, sausages, jams, coffees, mayonnaises, salad dressings, ales, different varieties of honey and fudge.

Most of the stalls were inside the grounds of the 11th century Ludlow Castle, though there were also many spread out throughout the beautiful Shropshire town. The place was heaving, and there was a lovely community atmosphere.

An event like that is, I feel, every bit as good as the BBC Good Food Show, which take place at the NEC – if not better in a way. All the produce is local, everything is out in the fresh air; there may not be celebrity chefs wandering around, but everyone shares a passion for good food and drink.