Anyone else love this show? It has been such a great series – and, judging by the cliffhanger ending, there has to be a second one next year surely.

This is probably a cliché that’s been trotted out in relation to this show, but it really is a good old-fashioned sitcom – bit silly at times, yes, but feelgood and escapist. I love the ‘You have been watching…’ end credits – clearly an homage to the great Perry & Croft sitcoms.

Miranda Hart looks like my boss too, which is quite funny.


Done all your Christmas shopping?

I have.  I did the majority online this year – and intend doing even more next year in order to curtail even further the time I have to spend battling through Merry Hill or the sea of heads that is Birmingham city centre.  I have found friends and family much easier to buy for this year, though, in the main.  Nobody has any money so they are not being demanding.

I actually braved a circuit training class last night.  Due to the ominous mention of things like ‘running’ and ‘equipment’ being involved, I imagined being haunted by flashbacks of horrific PE lessons, but actually it was great.  I thought I would be intimidated when faced with weights and mats on which to do press-ups, but it turned out to be fun and the trickier activities were all explained.  I have a worrying lack of strength in my arms, though – clearly an area I need to work on.

Bet my vile PE teachers from school would be amazed to see me actually enjoying partaking in sporting activity and keeping fit.  Amazing what can be achieved by a person who is given a bit of encouragement and isn’t being told they are a useless waste of space simply because they can’t hit a hockey ball, eh?  They can choke on it.

Core stability and spinning classes tonight.  In case you’re wondering why this sudden gym activity, my lovely MIL has bagged us a couple of 12-day passes for a nearby fitness centre so we are making the most of it!

My writing has sadly gone to pot, as it always does this time of year.  I just haven’t the time to focus on a novel when my weekends and evenings are taken up with wrapping presents, putting up lights and writing endless cards (and doing things like circuit training classes).