Wake up in paradise

The snowy view from our room at beautiful Hoar Cross Hall, where my mum and I have just spent another wonderful weekend.

I have been seven times now to this paradise spa resort in a Staffordshire stately home, and can honestly say I have never once experienced any disappointment or felt any aspect of the place had ‘gone off,’ or even encountered one member of staff who was anything less than friendly, helpful and courteous.

It’s a true home from home for us now.


OU Memories

I have been rereading my Open University notes from the Start Writing Fiction course which I completed a year ago. I do this every few months or so, to refresh my memory of the useful pointers provided and also to boost my confidence by looking back on the positive critiques I received.

It also helps fire my imagination and spur me on to try and achieve great things with my current novel, The Four Matthews. It reminds me that I CAN DO IT!!

I kept a diary to record my feelings and progress during the course, and even after this short period it is quite revealing reminding myself of the highs and lows I experienced. It all seems like ages ago. I took risks with my writing then, often working well outside my comfort zone, and felt I was rewarded.

Ironically I actually received correspondence from the OU today, recommending further areas of study I may wish to pursue. I do not intend resurrecting my academic career, however. Proud as I was of my coursework, and my 76% mark, I found studying stressful.

Happy 2010!!!

Happy New Year to one and all!!

For my part, I hope this year proves better than the last one.