21 again…

I celebrated my birthday yesterday.  Won’t reveal my age (oh go on then, I was *cough* 33 *cough*).  Whilst it wasn’t a milestone birthday, it was lovely and chilled out (literally at times) and actually one of the best I’ve had in recent years.

My husband and I had the day off work together.  Our planned trip to the West Midlands Safari Park didn’t materialise due to the untimely dumping of snow we’d had the previous day (Thursday).  Friday was beautiful, bright and crisp, though, and in the morning we met up with Nathan’s mum and dad for a snowy walk in Sutton Park.  We stopped for a cup of tea at the Toby Carvery and actually sat outside.

Nath and I later walked down into Sutton and went for lunch at Druckers, en route to the cinema.  Again, we sat outside.  Despite the cold snap, it was very pleasant watching the world go by and listening to the soft strumming of a Spanish guitarist busker.  It’s true what they say: simple pleasures are the best.  It was just so nice not being at work and being together like that on a weekday, doing the sort of chilled out things we never get to do at weekends.

The film we saw at the pictures was Valentine’s Day, a nice easy romcom with a series of intertwining love stories in the Love Actually mode – perfect birthday entertainment.  Being half-term, I think we were the only ones in there over 14, but oh well!  The kids were quite sweet really, with their reactions to certain actors, scenes and plot developments.  The girls wolfwhistled when Ashton Kutcher made an appearance; the lads when Taylor Swift was on screen.

Back home, we enjoyed a fish and chip supper – before my husband bankrupted me at Brummie Monopoly, but hey you can’t have everything!  It was a pretty near perfect day.  Nothing earth-shattering – indeed it may sound twee to some – but cosy and relaxed.


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