Escape to Paradise

My husband and I (sound like the Queen – LOL) spent a wonderful May Bank Holiday weekend at lovely Hoar Cross Hall in Staffordshire, my favourite spa haven.

It was hubby’s first time but my eighth!  I had already been once this year, in January with my mum.  I am aiming to cram as many visits into a year as possible.  I feel like I’ve virtually been there more times than Julie Goodyear now!

We both feel thoroughly toned and stretched and buffed as a result.  We really made the most of our time.  We arrived early on Sunday morning, in time to do a class at 8:45 in fact, and stayed until 7:30 Monday evening.  We partook of no fewer than TEN exercise classes over the two days.  I expected to be knackered, but in fact doing such an intense amount of exercise woke me up and made me feel alive, toned, tight, and determined to maintain the momentum I had built up.

Hubby and I have not booked our main holiday yet for this year.  We plan to go to Egypt (or t’Egypt, as Peter Kay would say) in the autumn.  However, if this Icelandic volcano chooses to erupt again – as it did when my hubby was supposed to be going skiing last month, leading to the disappointing cancellation of his holiday – I would be sorely tempted to book an impromptu few days at Hoar Cross in substitution.  It is certainly well worth keeping in mind as a backup plan.

In fact we could feasibly have a HCH spa break as our main holiday.  I am not on commission or anything – it truly is a wonderful place and has become my virtual second home.  Jacuzzis, swimming pools, saunas, fitness classes, relaxing massages, sumptuous food, lovely wine – it encapsulates pretty much my idea of heaven.

OK, you don’t always get the sun in this country, but when you’re cocooned in a luxury retreat like that you’d barely notice if a typhoon blew up outside your window.

I had a wonderful weekend, all in all, what with being published in My Weekly and also seeing the brilliant Dancing on Ice in Birmingham on Saturday night.


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