Leigh would like to apologise…

…to the good folk of Sutton Coldfield for inflicting upon them the sight of me running (yes, running!!!) past their windows this morning!

My hubby and I took ourselves for a 35-minute run (perhaps “run” is flattering it – “gentle jog” would be more accurate) around the neighbourhood.  Sutton Fun Run is just four weeks away now, and we gotta get in training!

Once I was over the initial panting and stitch, I really got into it.  It’s certainly true what they say about exercise being addictive.  Upping the pace spurred me on more rather than knackered me.

I had always conditioned myself to thinking I “couldn’t run” – an attitude not helped (not wishing to start a sob story here) by unconstructive PE teachers who made me feel useless at school.  I therefore harboured the subsequent idea that I was “not athletic” and incapable of any pace above a brisk walk.

I really enjoyed this morning.  At times I felt like I was really flying (admittedly on the downhill and flat bits, but it was a start).  Considering this was probably the longest run I have done in my entire life, certainly on a public road in broad daylight as opposed to a treadmill, I felt a real sense of achievement.


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