I have democratically…

…given myself this week off writing my novel.  Work has been manic this week (usual short-staffed summer season, covering other people’s work, not knowing whether I am coming or going in the office) and the last thing I have felt like doing upon my return home is being creative.

I know how easy it is to make excuses like ‘it’s too hot’ or ‘I’ve had a long day,’ but have to admit it has been a relief to take the pressure off my shoulders of late.

I really ought to knuckle back into it without too much delay, though.  I am enjoying The Four Matthews, and the urge to complete the manuscript is still there.  I read voraciously, and every novel or short story I read fires my enthusiasm to churn our words myself.

I love being creative.  Although some of my closest friends are accountants, I will never understand folks who find working with numbers exciting!  I love words.  I hate numbers.  At primary school, Friday mornings used to be given over to spelling and multiplication tests.  My marks would invariably be 20 out of 20 for spellings but something like 4 out of 20 for my times tables.


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