A 10k stagger through Walsall

This morning my hubby and I completed our second ever fun run.  This time it was a Walsall charity event – the main recipient of which is the town’s Acorns Children’s Hospice – at 10km or 6 miles long.

I am well chuffed to report that we completed it in 1 hour 7 minutes!!!  That is so much better than I expected we’d do, considering I felt slightly crazy for even attempting it.  It was hard going too, with lots of cross-country sections and hills as well as roads.  We started and finished from Walsall Arboretum.

It was a bit torturous, I have to say.  I ran the vast majority of the way, except for two short hilly sections which left me with no breath.  My legs have all but seized up now.

It was a much smaller event than the epic 8.5-mile Sutton Coldfield event we did in June (for example, the roads along which we ran did not close).  I felt so much less prepared for Walsall than I did for Sutton one, even though the latter was of course 2.5 miles longer, we have done lots of exercise lately and were seriously hitting the gym during our recent Tunisian holiday.

Most of today’s participants seemed like serious runners rather than ‘fun’ runners.  Surprisingly, though, Nathan and I did not come last.  The weather conditions were good: cold and sunny.  Much more comfortable than trying to run in heat.

We both said we would do this Walsall run again.  Whilst I was utterly relieved to finish, I derived an undoubted buzz from it.  It is easy to see how running – indeed exercise in general – can become all-consumingly addictive.
I feel as though we have well and truly earned tonight’s Sunday dinner and bottle of red.


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